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Content from Coke: “Social Media Guard” campaign ridicules #FOMO

Coca Cola – “Social Media Guard” (2014)

Like it or not, Coca Cola really does have a way with content marketing – in fact, it is probably the brand that has best embraced the storytelling revolution, second only to Red Bull in my modest opinion, and it is in it for the long run, as outlined in their “Content 2020″ digital agenda. [And if you are rolling your eyes and thinking “storytelling” is an out-of-date circa 2012 buzzword, then come up with a better word for the billions of user-generated stories from their latest integrated campaign (you can read the “Share a Coke’ case study from The Drum here].

The “Social Media Guard”  well crafted, tongue-in-cheek video  is a further example of how the brand manages to keep relevant to different audiences – this looks to me as a bit of an inside joke for marketeers and social media people. It definitely draws on a current trend for expressing social media fatigue and sometimes going into withdrawal (just recently, my favourite blogger and self-diagnosed social media addict Emma Gannon declared the end of her Facebook love story).

the offline world is [...] that thing that happens when you run out of battery

At a more basic level, it contains the key elements for a viral video:

- appeals to emotion (classic elements: children; pets)

- contains a twist: the infamous #FOMO is often blamed on social media; here, the mesage is “social media addiction is making you miss out on life”

- it tells a story, and one most people can relate to

- it is easy to consume (tight editing, catchy music, masterfully produced)

The “Social Media Guard” is another well-placed tile in the overall Coca Cola storytelling mosaic. Of course, not every attempt is equally great and some will find this particular piece contrived, or cry at the irony of mocking social media addiction…on social media – but that is beside the point. I think that, if one criticism can be aimed at the “Social Media Guard” idea, its link with the “Open Happiness” brand message appears less immediate.

I find it impossible though not to admire the conviction with which the world’s most recognisable brand is pursuing its strategy and investing – wisely – not just on big stunts but on a constant stream of quality content.

Now…where is my Social Media Guard? I am a true social media addict, but now have an unmissable appointment with the rest of my life.